A Miron Grouse Hunt – October / 2023

Yoopers Father and Son

I’m in a bit of a revelatory trance these days as I come to the realization that without me going through my Brain Cancer quest, without being divorced, without my continually depleted body, without being extracted from Fort Wayne, I would not have had the priceless experience with David Raymond Miron this past Sunday. In…

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Operation Miron Extraction

THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE THE YOOP. I’ve permanently moved back to Ishpeming, or what the native indian’s called, ‘The High Sacred Place.’ I’ve done what I could to be the best Dad in the limited time I had. My sons know the power of Jesus. They know how to make scrambled and hard-boiled eggs.…

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A ‘Ray La Cruze’ Kinda Feeling

My son’s favorite player right now is Elly De La Cruze on the Cincinnati Reds. It’s the same fascination I had for Kevin Garnett when I started playing ball. Different sport. Same “You Can’t Stop Me” attitude. Any hoo, Ray, my (9) year old baller, went ‘Ray La Cruze‘ for a game-winning inside-the-park home run…

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