Letter to My Sons – November 1 – 2023

Ray & Clark,

You boys are my world.
The love I have for you both is the same love that Jesus has for His children.

I wish some days that our family could have stayed together.
That would have been so much easier.

But as you know, we can’t always get what we want in this Life.

You boys are doing such a great job of growing up and being good people.
Even good people in their heart can make mistakes.

That doesn’t make you bad.

It just makes you human…
None of us are perfect.

Dad’s cool but he can sometimes forget things because he’s focused on things in life that doesn’t matter.

Mom’s cool but she’s on her phone too much and seems to love running more than anything!

Either way, God loves us.
Not for all of our good things – but for the things that aren’t so good.

You are the COOLEST Eagles this world has ever seen.
And you are the COOLEST dragon brothers I know.

But that doesn’t mean you have to always hit homeruns or win the trophy.

It means to be THANKFUL and HAPPY that God made you so Cool.

I get to see you in 35 days.


Love, Dad Miron

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